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    • Noir.’s First Contract Back [Recap Video] October 15, 2019
    • 183: Winter is Ending October 6, 2019
      “Most people are looking at EVE Vegas for some direction from CCP” CLICK TO LISTEN -CSM Minutes deep dive announced for the next episode -Dank Leeks: Triglavian dreads, mid-grade implants, FOB loot requiring freighter -Nullsec: NC. vs DeadCo kicks off, … Continue reading →
    • 182: We Hardly Knew Ye September 22, 2019
      “Insertion” LISTEN HERE -CCP rolls Blackout back; Sick Alek’s unbridled rage -Noir. takes it’s first post-Reformation contract, defending a WH Keepstar against Inner Hell, Hard Knocks, and LAZERHAWKS -A Fiend is killed!
    • 181: Back in Black September 8, 2019
      “Noir. is the best reason to log in and play the game” CLICK TO LISTEN -Noir. returns: the full inside story revealed! -A look at some upcoming changes with the Sept. patch -CCP’s security team goes on a killing spree … Continue reading →


Welcome to our information resource for the Provibloc community.  We want everyone to feel at home among us and welcome neutrals from the public are welcome to visit us.

Members from all over the world play Eve Online together in the region of Providence for over a decade.

We are anti-pirates. We are anti-renters.  We are NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot).  We are the good guys in space.

If someone from our community has shot you unprovoked, you might be considered KOS to us for some reason and can ask to be reset here.

New corporations or individual pilots are welcome to contact us about integrating into Providences communities.

There are many opportunities in Providence for pilots, if you have a question don’t hesitate to ask!