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    • 192: Sweeps Week feat. Andy Astronaut March 31, 2020
      “Transitioning from one area of space CCP has long neglected but recently changed a little to another…” http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/dow192.mp3 Download Link -Carrying 3 Black Mark Awards in tow, Andy Astronaut joins us for the show -Noir. hits a wormhole full of … Continue reading →
    • 191: 2019 Black Mark Award Winners March 12, 2020
      “I screwed Jin’taan” -Artimus, according to Alek DOWNLOAD HERE  -GOTG disbands and TDSIN/Hard Knocks evict each other (TIS interviews here) BUT FIRST, THE BLACK MARK AWARDS Your nominees are: -FC of the Year: Makalu, Ron USMC, Pando, Seddow -Doctrine of … Continue reading →
    • 190: Romancing the Stones feat. CCP Rattati March 1, 2020
      “This isn’t a scarcity period. Scarcity is the way it’s going to be.”  Also, hi Katrin! DOWNLOAD HERE   -CCP Rattati joins us for an incredible interview covering DUST, Nova, and massive upcoming changes to the EVE economy    -Rattati’s … Continue reading →
    • 189: Feelin’ Froggy February 11, 2020
      “I quad box 90% of the time.” DOWNLOAD HERE -Contract Discussion: Top Tier Tatara saves NOTE: Too many contracts! Our opponent for these Tataras was End of Life, not Hell Dawn. Apologies to both entities for the mix up on-air. … Continue reading →


Welcome to our information resource for the Provibloc community.  We want everyone to feel at home among us and welcome neutrals from the public are welcome to visit us.

Members from all over the world play Eve Online together in the region of Providence for over a decade.

We are anti-pirates. We are anti-renters.  We are NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot).  We are the good guys in space.

If someone from our community has shot you unprovoked, you might be considered KOS to us for some reason and can ask to be reset here.

New corporations or individual pilots are welcome to contact us about integrating into Providences communities.

There are many opportunities in Providence for pilots, if you have a question don’t hesitate to ask!