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    • 179: Productive Waffle feat. Eonan Dmalum August 12, 2019
      “No tricks really.” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN -SniggWaffe US Director Eonan Dmalum joins the panel -Discussing SniggWaffe’s history, their complicated relationship with PanFam, and their unique culture -Speaking of, SniggWaffe recently became the most killingest corp in EVE despite being … Continue reading →
    • 178: Eternal Night feat. Tyrus Hughs July 28, 2019
      “Let me get the exact quote“ CLICK HERE TO LISTEN -Blackout pt. 2: Returning players, Hilmar interview, Blackout only the beginning of the Chaos Era -Panel discusses possible future shakeups -TEST vs FRT update -Roam highlights and more!
    • 177: Darkness Falls feat. Cable Uta July 25, 2019
      “It felt like EVE back in 2008-2009” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN -Blackout!!! Local removed from nullsec resulting in massive feeding frenzy. But is it the right move for EVE? -Imperium vows trade embargo with HS in retaliation -Faction dread down … Continue reading →
    • 176: The Pandemic Horde Variety Hour feat. Nidia Masters July 8, 2019
      “The idea is that Toronto’s a shithole” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN -Nidia talks about his experience at EVE North, questionably held in the “city” of Toronto -CSM election results analyzed -Triglavians hit Citadels! Is this divine grace or infernal madness? … Continue reading →


Welcome to our information resource for the Provibloc community.  We want everyone to feel at home among us and welcome neutrals from the public are welcome to visit us.

Members from all over the world play Eve Online together in the region of Providence for over a decade.

We are anti-pirates. We are anti-renters.  We are NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot).  We are the good guys in space.

If someone from our community has shot you unprovoked, you might be considered KOS to us for some reason and can ask to be reset here.

New corporations or individual pilots are welcome to contact us about integrating into Providences communities.

There are many opportunities in Providence for pilots, if you have a question don’t hesitate to ask!