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KOS Rules

The are many unique KOS rules affecting pilots who fly through Providence.  Here is a summary of these rules, but if you have a specific question about KOS standings you may contact us also.

KOS Tracker Search Order
You must check using the following order Pilot > Alliance > Corporation.

If a Corporation is KOS and their Alliance isn’t please file this information so that we might update these records.

If the Pilot is KOS they remain so even if their Corporation or Alliance are neutral.

KOS Rules
The easy part is when KOS tracker and checking tools show a player as KOS, but sometimes a little more investigation is needed or other KOS rules may apply.

Particularly if the pilot is not listed at all or when he is currently in an NPC corp.

1) NPC corp [Minmatar Milita NPC Corp (Tribal Liberation Front)] is considered KOS and is to be treated like a player corp when it comes to checking their status.

* Pilot neutral
* current: NPC corp
* previous: [Minmatar Milita NPC Corp (Tribal Liberation Front)]
* previous: blue corp or alliance
= PILOT IS KOS / because of last player corp being so since Minmatar Militia is to be considered player corp for this matter

2) All other NPC corps are considered the same, regardless if they are normal or militia/factional warfare ones.

* Pilot neutral
* current: NPC corp
* previous: [Amarr Militia NPC Corp (24th Imperial Crusade)]
* previous: red corp or alliance
= PILOT IS KOS / because of last player corp being KOS

3) It doesn’t matter if a pilot has been in one or multiple NPC corps, what counts is his last player corp.

* Pilot neutral
* current: NPC corp
* previous: NPC corp
* previous: KOS corp or alliance
= PILOT IS KOS / because of last player corp being KOS

4) 1-man player corps do count like any other player corporation and are NOT KOS. If the pilot acts badly he will be set KOS on a personal basis, so he will be KOS even if joining another corp. 

* Pilot neutral
* current: neutral player corp. quick background check reveals it’s a 1-man corp
* previous: red corp or alliance
= PILOT IS NOT KOS / because 1-man corps are no exception and considered equally valid like any other player corps

Use Your Brain
No KOS Rules are ever perfect or fair for everyone.

Don’t just use the tracker and checking tools, try to investigate on your own too. Check pilot/corp/alliance history.

For example it might be possible that a player has been one year in a NPC corp and his last alliance was marked hostile just a few days ago or he might just have started playing again or even bought the character.

It might not be fair, but that pilot would now be a legal target. You could try to convo him, warn him that he is now KOS and encourage him to join a friendly corp.

Standings (Red By Last) Clarification
“RBL” or “Red By Last” is an automatically valid reason to shoot a pilot on sight as defined under these rules:

  • The pilot must be in an NPC corporation
  • The last player corporation the pilot was in must be a current KOS corporation

KOS pilots are forgiven in Providence of their status the moment they create a new corporation unless they are already individual marked hostile. They can invite any pilot to the corporation as long as the pilot is not individual KOS. The new corporation remains neutral until they return to pirating or other prohibited activities.

For instance, a pirate who is not yet individual KOS can decide he will change his ways and create a brand new corporation. He can invite other pirates to change with him. They can come to Providence as a neutral corporation and are not shootable. If they return to their pirating ways their corporation may become KOS and the pilots may become individual KOS.

Individual KOS pilots cannot make a new corporation and be protected under RBL, they are still individual KOS and their new corp members may be subject to also being set KOS. Individual KOS pilots who want to diplo to reverse this KOS status should diplo with the organization who has set them KOS.