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    • 192: Sweeps Week feat. Andy Astronaut March 31, 2020
      “Transitioning from one area of space CCP has long neglected but recently changed a little to another…” http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/dow192.mp3 Download Link -Carrying 3 Black Mark Awards in tow, Andy Astronaut joins us for the show -Noir. hits a wormhole full of … Continue reading →
    • 191: 2019 Black Mark Award Winners March 12, 2020
      “I screwed Jin’taan” -Artimus, according to Alek DOWNLOAD HERE  -GOTG disbands and TDSIN/Hard Knocks evict each other (TIS interviews here) BUT FIRST, THE BLACK MARK AWARDS Your nominees are: -FC of the Year: Makalu, Ron USMC, Pando, Seddow -Doctrine of … Continue reading →
    • 190: Romancing the Stones feat. CCP Rattati March 1, 2020
      “This isn’t a scarcity period. Scarcity is the way it’s going to be.”  Also, hi Katrin! DOWNLOAD HERE   -CCP Rattati joins us for an incredible interview covering DUST, Nova, and massive upcoming changes to the EVE economy    -Rattati’s … Continue reading →
    • 189: Feelin’ Froggy February 11, 2020
      “I quad box 90% of the time.” DOWNLOAD HERE -Contract Discussion: Top Tier Tatara saves NOTE: Too many contracts! Our opponent for these Tataras was End of Life, not Hell Dawn. Apologies to both entities for the mix up on-air. … Continue reading →
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